An experimental work that preserves moments still existing in India that have not been disturbed by globalization, and links two great writers: Valmiky (Ramayana) and Octavio Paz (poems, India 1962-1968).

Journey of Hanuman is not so much a film by conventional definition as an art piece – a meditative poem in audiovisual form. With layered cinematography, evocative music and voice-over poetry by the Noble Prize writer Octavio Paz, Mexican filmmaker Lola Creel hopes to “preserve the moments of India that have not been disturbed by globalization and are related to the spiritual ancient knowledge of that country”. Rather than relying on a traditional narrative, Creel uses her countryman Paz’s lyric experience of India (where he served as an ambassador from 1962-1968) to loosely link visual scenes ranging from a silhouetted snake charmer in front of the Palace of Winds in Jaipur to the ritualistic washing in the Ganges. There are also underwater shots inspired by the Sanskrit epic The Ramayana and a combination of classical Indian music and an original soundscore from the Kronos Quartet.

The director is a video artist, who acted as the National Coordinator of the Special Projects Unit of the Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts and also served as a director of the International Festival of Video and Electronic Arts in 2002. She has previously directed documentaries on a number of poets, with Journey of Hanuman being her first feature film – though it really is in a genre of its own.