Filmmaker Lola Creel has been deeply involved with poets that are related with the Buddhist path like the American poet W.S Merwin. She met him at the Poets festival in San Miguel Allende (Mexico) organized every January by a very good writer, Jennifer Clement. 

The documentary is a long conversation in between Lola Creel and poet W.S Merwin about his antiwar movement, and how he was connected in this activity with the British poet Laureated Ted Hughes, who Lola Creel met also and interviewed in Mexico city. The Conversation is in its more deepest sense, about the meaning of meditation in the modern world, and how it can affect all us to be transform in a more humanized and peaceful interconnected life.
This documentary is part of TV cultural series (Asterisk), from the National Council for Culture and the Arts in Mexico, where Lola Creel worked from 1992 to 2004 as writer, director, producer of TV and radio.

William Stanley Merwin is an American poet, that has been writing more than fifty books of poetry. He is deeply involved in Buddhism, ecology, and the antiwar movement. He has received many honors including the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry on years 1971 and 2009.