Festival Vidarte 2002 Round Table

In 2002, Lola Creel has been the director of the International Video and Electronic Art Festival “Vidarte 2002” in Mexico city.

She committed herself to the production of this festival that gathered Videoart work, Video Installations, and Electronic Art from five continents. “Vidarte 2002” brought together more than 20,000 visitors in its 10 day duration, and the collaboration of more than fifty artist and curators from the entire world. The festival has inaugurated with a special homage to the artist Bill Viola, one of the founders of Videoart.

This Round Table is a meditation about the meaning of Video Art and Digital Arts. How this new technology has been motivating the artists to create more poetical, intimate. and emotional images, that can affect persons in a deeper level of consciousness. This new technology that is available for a variety and big amount of artists, has become a revolution in the experimental arts, and in this last twenty and twenty first centuries also in so many areas like genetics , astrophysics and molecular biology.