Peter Campus retrospective “Before this moment” (2003) was a great exhibition held at the Museum of San Idelfonso in Mexico city. Lola Creel produced this exhibition, with collaboration of curator David Ross, when she served as National Coordinator of the Special Unit UPX, from the Mexican Council of Arts CONACULTA.

On the art book that was made for this exhibition, Lola Creel introduced Peter Campus as an artist that is “a great explorer of the various levels of matter, even the most subtle, most hidden; the layer that is like an eyelid that protects the self, a self that is not precisely psychological, but rather the self that is a great cosmic eye…. “

Before Peter Campus entered the worlds of video, installation, and digital photography, he studied experimental psychology and cinematography, an education that is reflected in his very personal body of work from its beginning in the sixties up to the present. Peter Campus is a seminal figure in the story of electronic media art.